You can see the scenery of very large hill of Biei from each room

You can overlook beautiful hill and mountain from each room.The rooms offer a stunning 180-defree panoramic view of mountains and hill around Jacatra.You will be amazed by our Japanese styled bathrooms. We have 1 outdoor big bathroom (open from May to Octber) and 1 indoor bWig bathrom (open all seasons). They are artificial hot springs that useing the same infredients as natural hot springs. You will get the same health benefits as if you are useing a hot spring !

Main House

Type of room (all no smoking ) Western style: 3 Single bedroom for 1 person. 2 Twin rooms for 2 persons . Japanese style: 3 single futons room for 3 people ×1 2 single futons room for 2 people ×1 ※ You can choose a room for 3 people If you only have even 2 people too .
  • There is no bathroom, toilet, in each main house guest rooms.
  • Dining | pet ○
  • JapaneseJapanese-style room 3people | pet ×
  • Japanese-style room A 2people | pet ×
  • Western-style room 2people | pet ○ Under renewal
  • Western-style room 2people | pet ○ Under renewal
  • Western-style room A 1people | pet ○
  • Western-style room B 1people | pet ○
  • Western-style room C 1people | pet ○

Cottage (no smoking)

We have 4 cottages locatied around the main house. type of cottage(All 1 room each ) Cottage A :Maximum 2 people use, with bathroom and toilet. Cottage B : Maximum 5 people use, with toilet . Cottage C :Maximum 5 people use, with bathroom and toilet. Cottage D :Maximum 4 people use, with toilet. Provide : Towel , toothbrush. (No pajamas ) Toilet , refrigerator , hair dryer,air conditioner and fan are available in all cottages but bathroom is available in cottage A and C only. Cottage guest can also use our big bathroom to take a shower. ※Ordinary Hokkaido house are not equipped with aire conditioner, because you can get cool wind from outside in the morning and at night . However there is a fan provided each room. It is enough for summer season in Hokkaido. Please experience the natural wind and county life style in Hokkaido ! ※ You can choose cottage C (for 5 people use) If you have 2 people too . However , during peak season we have minimum guest requirements. (please check details on our reservation form). Free Wi-Fi is available 24 hours in all main house guest room and Cottages !! Sometimes little wi-fi catch Cottages .
  • CottageA 2people pet ○ bath ○
  • CottageB 2~5people pet ○ bath×
  • CottageC 2~4people pet ○ bath ○×
  • CottageC 2~3people pet ○ bath×


New OPEN a praivate Big Cando.
  • It is a condo for seven people.
  • 【2F】Bed room / Double bed 1/ small double 1 / Single bed 1 Bathroom 【1F】Kitchen/ Dining room / Living room /Whashroom / Landry / Garege Privete Garden and Dog run space Maxmum 7 people
  • ※No smorking
  • exterior
  • livingroom
  • bedroom
  • bathroom


Open-air bath of Guangming stone
Outside and inside private bathroom are available 24 hours.Outside bathroom is closed during winter season . Inside bathroom is always open .
  • Main building
  • Open-air bath
How to use Jacatra`s private bathrooms
  • Please lock from inside when you are using the bathroom, so nobody connot enter when you are using it. When you use the indoor hot spring and after use it, please make sure you close all the doors completely to prevent water vapor come out.
  • Please flip the side on hang on the door to ” Close ” to indicate it is in use. After use, please flip it to ” Open”
  • Please take a shower in shower spots before you go into the hot spring . There are 2 shower spots. Shampoo, conditioner, and soap are provided.
  • Hair dryer is available in the change room, please feel free to use.
  • You can use the hot spring by yourself , with your partner, friend or family members.
  • You can have relaxing private bath time. ( You don`t need to share with other guests at the same time.)
  • No booking is required but you may have to wait for a while when it is in use.
  • After use, please make sure you have turned off all the taps and electricity to prevent wastes. Our bathrooms are artificial hot springs the using the same ingredients as natural hot springs.
You will get the same health benefits as if you are using a real hot spring!
All rooms no smoking and Free Wi-Fi